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Step into the thriving travel community of Eventserica, where adventure awaits with over 50 exhilarating events and counting! As an affiliate, earn 4.6% commission for every event booked through your referral, turning your passion for exploration into rewarding experiences. Begin your journey with us today and unlock endless possibilities!

4.6% commission On every booking you refer

Why Join EventsErica Affiliate Program

How EventsErica Affiliate program works

  1. Join the Program: Sign up for Eventserica’s affiliate program with a quick and easy registration process, gaining immediate access to your personalized affiliate dashboard.

  2. Promote Events: Share your unique affiliate link across your platforms, including social media, websites, and blogs, encouraging your audience to explore and book from our diverse range of 50+ thrilling events.

  3. Earn Commissions: For every event booked through your referral link, you’ll earn a generous 4.6% commission, starting from day one. Watch your earnings grow as your audience engages with Eventserica’s unforgettable experiences.

  4. Track Your Performance: Monitor your referrals, clicks, and earnings in real-time through our intuitive affiliate dashboard, providing valuable insights into your campaign’s success and optimizing your strategies accordingly.

  5. Connect with the Community: Join our vibrant travel community, where affiliates come together to share tips, experiences, and support, fostering meaningful connections and collaborations.

  6. Receive Payouts: Enjoy hassle-free payouts on a regular basis. Payouts are initiated for balances exceeding Rs. 500 and are processed between the 16th to 18th of every month for the previous month’s earnings. For instance, if your total earnings from January 1st to January 31st amount to Rs. 5000, you can expect them to be credited to your account between February 16th to 18th. This transparent and timely payment schedule ensures you’re rewarded promptly for your efforts in promoting Eventserica’s adventures.

  7. Grow Your Earnings: As you continue to promote and drive bookings, your earnings potential grows, offering limitless opportunities to turn your passion for travel into a profitable venture with Eventserica’s affiliate program.



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