Places to Visit in Coorg

If you remain too much thrilled with the picturesque beauties of foreign locations, then I must say that you are pretty unaware of the bewitching allure India has treasured in its every loop and corner. Being infamous as Scotland of India, Coorg is known for a very handy visa-free glimpse of Scotland in our very own India. It’s time that you take the international tourism standard of Indian tourist locations seriously and gear up yourself to take a leverage tour to cover maximum places to visit in Coorg. Soak up yourself in its cultural opulence of Coorg and its ravishing aura will rejuvenate your inner soul.

This nature crafted place is a tremendous package of all kinds of wonders with which nature smitten us. When the misty majestic hills at Brahmagiri Hill would give you the real chills, the mind-blowing essence of fresh coffee beans at Madikeri would succour you with its rich classy aroma, to plunge out the exhaustion from you the cascading splash of Abbey falls is there at Coorg. After the exciting rough road of Tadiandamol Trek and Iruppu Falls, you may find a new version of yourself, stronger and confident. Afterwards sleeping in camp and finding solace by watching the sky full of stars is the sum-up of your extravagant holiday you would have at Coorg. The above mentioned are just a glimpse of amazing places to visit in Coorg , the list is much lengthier yet exciting. So, let's unwind this hidden treasure and places to visit in Coorg layer by layer.

How to reach Coorg

Being a famous vacation spot in South India, Coorg is approachable through the train, flight and by road. You may plan to enlist the near about places to visit in Coorg as all are well connected to transport and accommodations are pretty fine.

By Flight: The nearest airport to Coorg is in the proximity of 160 Km that is situated at Mangalore. Usually, it takes the time of 2 hours and 50 minutes from Delhi airport to Coorg through flight. There are enough to and fro flights available from Mangalore airport to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi. People who hail from Bangalore and want to explore the places to visit in Coorg can consider the by air travel from Bangalore to Mangalore that takes only one hour. From Mangalore, you can enjoy a cab or bus journey to reach your destination called Coorg and start a bucket listing about the places to visit in Coorg.

By Train: Mysore railway station that seems to be the nearest railway station from Coorg is located at a distance of 107 km from the Coorg while the Mangalore railway station is 150 km away from the Coorg. These two railway stations have feasible trains and routeing routes from the other major railway's stations of the country. The train journey may be elongated but it ensures a relaxing journey. So that you don’t feel much exhausted by the journey while looking for places to visit in Coorg. From Mangalore and Mysore respectively, the bus and cab facilities are available to reach Coorg.

By Road: Many people choose a road journey to reach Coorg. Either it's your own car or you relay on state transport service to reach Coorg from Bangalore, Mangalore or other parts of the state, its good enough to be chosen as an option. To get maximum time for places to visit in Coorg, it is advised that you take a night or evening time for travelling so that you reach Coorg in the morning and get maximum time for the travelling.

Best time to Visit Coorg:

Being called as the Kashmir of the South, Coorg welcomes tourists all over the year. Yet, the monsoon over Coorg is pretty hard for tourists but it is said that after the monsoon there comes a flood of tourists at Coorg every year. No, doubts about it as when accompanied by favourable weather, the places to visit in Coorg becomes so good. One can plan the expanded vacations at Coorg between the months of October to March. These months are best for the sightseeing of Coorg, trekking as well as for places to visit in Coorg . March and April are the flowering seasons at Coorg so you may choose your trip of places to visit in Coorg to vanish your tiredness with the aroma of fresh blossoming flowers all around the Coorg valley.

Adventurous Activities to do at Coorg:

When the beauty standards of Coorg are being compared with Scotland, you may imagine Coorg is all about lush valleys and misty breeze with coffee aroma. Well, Coorg is much more than just a splash of greenery all over it. The major attractions towards places to visit in Coorg are the plenty of adventure sports and activities it offers that too in the lap of nature. So, when you are deciding about the places to visit in Coorg then do consider the adventurous activities each place holds. Here are some adventurous activities to do at places to visit in Coorg that would definitely quench your thirst for adventures.

1. Camping: Quite away from the hustle-bustle of the city, this quaint nature subtle provides enough seat for camping. Tourists usually like to break the monotony of regular life when at offbeat destinations like Coorg. It's good if you carry your camping essentials as there are enough places to visit in Coorg that allow you to sleep in peace at your camp, just like Tharangini tent camping at Sunticoppa and comfy resorts or homestay options are also available in abundance at Coorg.

2. Trekking: Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, Nishani Motte Peak, Brahmagiri Hill Trek, are some of the recommended trekking sites that have the potential to present the amalgam of challenging trek and picturesque views to the enthusiastic hikers. As these trekking sites are less travelled so you may enjoy some quality time with your group while trekking, avoiding the regular crowd you usually get to see at tourist places.

3. Kayaking: Real water sports adventures are rare to get at tourist sights. But at Coorg, you get a heartfelt beyond imagination fun-filled adventure of water sports like Kayaking. When you explore the places to visit in Coorg like the Kakkabe river, you would find the people enjoying kayaking at the river. Never miss the opportunity of such a rare water sport all done with safety and guidance at Kakkabe river, Coorg.

4. River rafting: The high tides of the Barapole river at Coorg make it ideal for river rafting. Your long-time desire for having fun on running water of the river with rafting will be perfectly accomplished at Coorg. The option of camping is available nearby the river. This place is one of the best among the places to visit in Coorg. The rafting is done with safety accompanied by professional rafters. Even though you must not neglect personal safety and careful rafting is necessary to venture maximum fun out of it.

5. Rock Climbing: If you want to test your muscular strength, then you must try rock climbing at Coorg. There are enough places to visit in Coorg that offer mesmerizing panoramic views from the top of the rock and equally difficult rock climbing from the base. Gavi Betta and Mori Betta Hills are ideal for rock climbing as rock climbing here done with all the necessary measures such as the rock climbers are tied with a harness and other essential cautions are taken so that eliminate the risk of any casualty.

Some of the popular Places to visit in Coorg:

1. Tadiandamol Peak This trek is considered the highest peak trek of Coorg with an elevation of 5740 ft. This trek route is one of the best trekking places to visit in Coorg . The two-km uphill journey is the beautiful amalgam of hills, natural bounties and low-high meadows, and dense forest land of Shola forest. You can start your on-foot journey from the Kakkabe that may take you 2-3 hours to witness the panoramic allure of Coorg town from the hill.

2. Chelavara Falls: The majestic Kaveri river has created this cascading waterfall all with stunning rock crafting formed by waterfall and nature laded that gives perfect vibes to spend some quality time in nature. This 150 feet waterfall is just 42 km away from the Madikeri that makes it ideal as a waterfall place to visit in Coorg . One can hire a cab or personal vehicle is good to reach Cheyyandane village from where the falls are just 15 minutes’ walk away. You are advised to wear plastic boots to enjoy the splash of cascading water from proximity. While keeping the safety while playing at the waterfall is utter important.

3. Abbey Falls: Abbey falls hold good records of popularity among the tourists. This waterfall and its surrounding are significant for the photoshoots and nature photography and that is the reason that Abbey falls remain laden with the tourists throughout the year and considered one of the famous places to visit in Coorg . This fast cascading water stream falls from the height of 70 feet that creates a small natural pool at the base to have fun with water activities there. Abbey Falls is located in Madikeri, which makes it more approachable to tourists who come here for such bewitching places to visit in Coorg

4. Raja’s Seat: Justifying its name, Raja’s seat is all about seating at the top and capture all the panoramic views of base and front from your eyes. Added to it, you would have the best sunset and sunrise watching from Raja’s Seat. It's the best to place to visit in Coorg for people who sought for the nature driven historical mixed treat for eyes. This place is easy to catch up as a dry trip as it is situated in Madikeri.

5. Dubare Elephant Camp: Include the fun activity in your Coorg holiday of spending time with Elephants at Dunare Elephant Camp. This site is an Eco-forest site and is established by the Karnataka state forest department. With some measures, the tourists are allowed to get close to Elephants and have a good time feeding them, washing them as well as riding on them. The whole fun thing that you can have from a decent distance of 29 km from the Madikeri.

6. Namdroling Monastery: This spiritual monastery is famous as the Golden Temple among the local clan because of the golden work done as the murals on the walls of Monastery. This monastery is an amalgam of Tibetan Buddhism teachings and culture. The premises of Namdroling Monastery provide tourist the guest house facility that helps people to relax and spend more time here. This monastery is just 35 km away from the Coorg that makes it among the most considerable places to visit in Coorg.

7. Omkareshwara Temple: Being located at the Madikeri, this temple visit would definitely enrich your soul with positive spiritual vibes. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple is a beautiful compilation of Hindu and Islamic architects. This temple is much significant as its one of the 12 Shiv Jyotrilingam that are present in the country. This temple was further modified during the rule of Tipu Sultan.

8. The Coffee plantation: The whole vacation of places to visit in Coorg is incomplete if you do not indulge in the majestic aroma of coffee plantations. Coorg is famous for its coffee estates either Government-owned or private. You may include an extravagant visit to the coffee plantation at Virajpet and a lavish stay at workstation amidst nature in Coorg . November is the best month to visit the coffee plantation at Coorg.

9. Honnamana Kere Lake: Some quaint places like the Honnamana Kere Lake snuggled with tranquility and solace are not meant for miss. These types of places to visit in Coorg present you with the simple pleasure that nature offers. This lake and the Honnamana temple nearby the lake is dedicated to the goddess Honnamana who fought for the village. It's at a distance of 45 km from the Madikeri and easily approachable via bus or cab. This verdant land amid coffee plantations is also ideal for nature photography. Winter is said to be ideal to visit this place as the lake gets more beautiful in the winters due to the misty essence.

10. Kote Betta Trekking: The Kote betta trekking is about having adventures through the forest trail exploring the different animal species and fauna- flora of the terrain and camping. Being the third highest peak point of Coorg, this adventurous trekking trail is all about discovering the wonders of nature amidst coffee plantations, jackfruit tress and lush valleys. This trek is an attraction among places to visit in Coorg as it is connected with mythological stories of Mahabharata and it is believed as Pandavas dwelling place during their exile period. The hilltop of Kote betta is promising to mesmerize with the panoramic views of Harangi Dam and Kumara Parvata.

Some Frequently asked questions about places to visit in Coorg

Question: What is the best adventure sport available at Coorg that can be accomplished with family?
Answer: When you are on a family holiday that means you want such adventurous sport which the whole family can enjoy. Among the abundance of adventures that Coorg offers, camping and trekking is most favoured for families. Trekking and camping are best to have quality time with family while going through the trail of rough roads to find your beautiful destination.

Question: How many days’ trip is sufficient to cover the maximum places to visit in Coorg?
Answer: Coorg has abundant tourist attractions as well as adventurous sports options that may insist you stay more at this wonderful place. While you may plan according to your preference of places to visit in Coorg and feasible accommodations as well. The 3-4 days’ vacation is considered good enough for a wonderful holiday that you would spend at Coorg.

Question: What is the best option to reach Coorg from Bangalore?
Answer: Bangalore is situated 265 km away from Coorg. Yet, the only direct mode of transportation at Coorg is via road. While one can choose the train and by air option also. The nearest railway station from Coorg is Mysore and Mangalore and the nearest airport from Coorg is Mangalore. From Mangalore, you can choose to hire a cab or board on the bus to hop over Coorg.

Question: What food items I can expect to get back home from Coorg?
Answer: Among many places to visit in Coorg there is a whole lot of different variety of lip- smashing food items you can for sure take back with you. Coffee of Coorg is one of the famous purchases among tourists. While you can spice up your life with the variety of authentic spices available here as well as sweeten your life with chocolates of Coorg. The Coorg wine and dry fruits are also chosen by tourists to take back home.

Things to Do in Coorg

Tharangini Tent Camping Coorg

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Thadiyandamol Trek and Irpu Falls

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Thadiyandamol Trek

At a height of 5470 feet, Thadiyandamol is the tallest peak in Coorg and also the second tallest in Karnataka. Our guides trek is over 15 kilometres and would require seven hours of easy trek which is convenient enough for both experts and first timers alike!...

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Workation in Coorg Amidst Nature

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Brahmagiri Hills Trekking

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Nishani Motte Peak Trekking

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Kote Betta Trekking

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Iruppu Falls - Coorg

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