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Best Waterfalls Near Bangalore within 100kms

The tech-city Bangalore is a high-paced, work-oriented, and sophisticated city in India. But do you know Bangalore is also home to many elegant and natural waterfalls? Take a ride to these perfect weekend getaways, if you want to get refreshed away from the hectic urban life. Waterfalls near Bangalore flowing down some gorgeous rocky mountains will surely relax your weary minds.

A trip to a waterfall is a breather for your entire family. It is best to visit most of them post-monsoon season. Enjoy the magical surroundings of the waterfall along with the greenery of the Mother Nature.

Shivanasamudra Falls

Come out of your regular work routine and experience the life-giving season around Shivanasamudra falls. Let the beauty of these waterfalls near Bangalore immerse you in tranquility, situated on the river Kaveri in Mandya near Mysore. It is 140 kilometers from Bangalore and can be reached via the NH275 in 3 hours.

As the Kaveri River is flowing through the Deccan plateau region, it drops off in the form of various waterfalls. Shivanasamudra is one of those waterfalls near Bangalore which splits into two segmented cascades - Barachukki and Gaganchukki.

Gaganchukki is the initial one that you will come across. The water is crashing on the rocky bed making a splendid sound. Barachukki is a wider fall coming from high cliffs, surrounded by thick- woody trees.

It is an ideal pick among the most-promising waterfalls near Bangalore . Enjoy a heart-thumping coracle ride at the bottom of the falls. While swimming is strictly not allowed there, you can do picnicking and sightseeing. July to October is the perfect time to visit this amazing place.

Chunchi Falls

Chunchi fall is considered one of the most scenic waterfalls near Bangalore . It is located 83 kilometers from Bangalore and can be reached within 2 to 3 hours of drive. Chunchi falls is a creation of the Arkabati River, situated near Shivanahalli.

You will love the eye-catching terrains with rocky gorge and mesmerizing greenery all over. As this falls come under the list of beautiful waterfalls near Bangalore within 100 km, you can plan a weekend trip with family and friends.

The entire route to the falls surprises with magnificent scenery. It is a renowned tourist destination as this place is an en-route to Mekedatu and Sangam. Sangam is a natural landmark where three rivers meet. 100 feet plummet of pristine waterfalls is falling into a small plunge-pool, making this place a favorite tourist spot.​

Chunchi waterfalls near Bangalore are preferred by adventure lovers and trekkers as camping and swimming are two most loved activities here. Galibore fishing camp is also situated nearby. Visit this falls after monsoons and photography enthusiasts can capture some spectacular shots.

Muthyala Maduvu Falls

The place is called pearl valley where Muthyala Maduvu Falls looks like a necklace of pearls falling, from a distance. Neighboring by deep green hills, one of the best waterfalls near Bangalore is only 43 kilometers away from the city via Hosur road.

Adventure enthusiasts and hikers are fond of this place due to its lush green environment. It is a great place for exploration that can make your mind, body, and soul refreshed and rejuvenated. It is ideal for a one day trip and can also be reached by your two-wheeler.

Restaurants and restrooms are also available near the waterfall for the convenience of the tourists. August to November can be the best time to visit this place. This is a popular picnic spot among various waterfalls near Bangalore . Lord Shiva temple and Thattekere Lake are among the various other tourist interests present nearby this place.

Are you a trekking lover or a birdwatcher? Then, do not miss the waterfalls near Bangalore for relieving yourself from hectic schedules. Birds and wildlife photography enthusiasts find peace and tranquility in these natural sights in Karnataka.

Thottikallu Falls

Thottikallu Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls near Bangalore . It is situated on the Kanakapura Main road, only 33.5 kilometers away from the main city via the NICE expressway. It is also known as ‘Swarna Mukhi Falls’ which means ‘Golden faced’.

There is a spiritual connection in this place where Muneshwara Temple is placed at the starting point. It is ideal for a short trip if you are planning for a quick visit and short bike excursions. October to March is the best time when tourists from various places visit this place.

It is one among the renowned waterfalls near Bangalore, popular for its untamed and untouched beauty. If you are a Bangalore resident, enlist this one for your next weekend tour. The water here looks tempting, though it is advised to enjoy the view from a distance as the flow of the waterfall is high.

The depth of the water is more and the waves are also powerful, so swimming is strictly prohibited. Picnicking is another most-loved option for visitors.

Mekedatu Falls

Mekedatu falls is known for its trekking and fishing activities. It is a small waterfall situated just 93 kilometers from the city of Bangalore, ideal for bikers and trekkers. Mekedatu fall converges at 3.5 kilometers from the meeting point of river Kaveri and Arkavati.​

The tourists from nearby places visit frequently as it is one of the waterfalls near Bangalore located within 100 kilometers from the city. Mekedatu is an interesting name meaning ‘goat’s leap’ in Kannada. The Kaveri River is flowing through a deep narrow gorge of solid granite rocks which a goat can also leap.

If you want to go for trekking to waterfalls near Bangalore , then it has a rocky terrain trekking route to the waterfalls. The undercurrents of the water are strong and so many precautions need to be taken while venturing towards the flow of water.

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