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A Spectacular View Of Kalahatti Giri Falls

Kalhatti Giri Falls (Kalahasti Falls) is one of the elegant waterfalls near Bangalore , located at Kallathipura in Karnataka. It is in Chikmagalur district, 245 kilometers from Bangalore.

The place is considered for weekend trips with friends and families to enjoy amidst the luscious greenery. The pristine water is beautifully flowing from a height of 122 meters from the Chandra Drona hills.

Nestled around the captivating valleys and gardens in Chikmagalur district, the waterfall will surprise you with its beauty. Visitors from all over find this place as a visual treat amidst nature.

Among all the awe-inspiring waterfalls near Bangalore , Kalhatti Giri Fall is a trekker’s paradise. When you are tired of your daily routine job, take a break, and visit the place to refresh and rejuvenate your mind and soul.

The nearby hills and mountains increase the excitement in the mind of the adventure lovers. The panoramic view of the valleys, along with the charming waterfall, fulfills all expectations of a trekking enthusiast. The hill station of Kemmangundi is a spectacular place for all to stay connected with nature.

Ipsita Sinha

Guest Post

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