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Why Gokarna is a 'must-have' in your bucket list

Gokarna is a beautiful combination of peaceful beaches and rocky hillocks. It is a small town in the western coastal line, home to a must-visit Hindu pilgrimage – Mahabaleshwar temple.

Trekking, as an experience is a rocky uphill climb that leads to a beautifully calm and serene view but Gokarna trekking is in a league of its own. Gokarna trekking is usually on a costal beach line that overlooks waters and meadows. The many oceans and hillocks provide a trekking experience like no other.

This little town gathers enough attention from a number of tourists from different cities and countries for its pilgrimage importance and calm and clean beaches.

Gokarna is a nature-heaven. It has everything from beaches, forest, hillocks, cliff, camping and wild. If you want some relaxation and forget all about your city-troubles then this is the place to go. You will find the quaintest and most p=beautifully peaceful places here, so peaceful you won’t even have to think about forgetting your worries; because the moment you step there, it’s ‘worries? what’s that?’

The trek route is popularly called, “the golden route”. The trail generally starts from the heart of the city that is the Mahabaleshwar temple and then onto several beaches.

You get to experience the walk on the unison of waters and lands, oceans and hill, beaches and rocks. You walk on a beach trail with The Arabian Sea on one side and rocky hills on the other.

Kudle beach - You move on the beachy sand and picturesque route of Kulde beach, where you are sure to fall in love at the first (Ocean) sight. This place is famous for its sea food, and popular among the foreigners so you’ll find foreign foods with a desi twist too.

Visit the Om beach in Gokarna, which is one of the more famous beaches in Gokarna and is shaped like Om. This beach is approximately 8 kms from the gokarna town.

The half-moon shaped beach or crescent beach is a trail a little rockier than the previous ones but just as beautiful, or maybe more. This beach is separated by a cliff from om beach, and thus offers stunning views of the sea. It feels more like a beautiful village among nature, as the trail is dotted with huts or shacks and hammocks amidst the trees.

Relax your mind and ready your body because the trail to the paradise beach is filled with rocky hillocks. The trek is challenging, like our life is. You’ll climb, you’ll sweat, you’ll pant and maybe even cut but you’ll love the experience and you’ll be in paradise, literally. This beach is free from all the hustle-bustle you are used to in the city and is a perfect untouched natural beauty. You can only reach the beach through boat or trekking through a forest.

So go grab your bags and book a Gokarna trek because visiting Gokarna is a must-have in your travel bucket list, and cancel it out as soon as possible.

Ishika Kataria

Guest Post

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