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Best Place For Camping Near Bangalore - Mango Foris Adventure Camp

Bangalore has a fast-paced lifestyle. The IT city falls behind a challenging timetable, which does not have time for a perfect holiday. We understand fully, as everybody needs to have a break.

Bangalore is the city with the most range of camping destinations available overnight. Only a few hours away from the city brings you to the next world loaded with perfect weather and incredible scenery. Some of the best places to camp around Bangalore are the Mango Foris Adventure Camp, Madikeri, Wayanad, Sakleshpur, Kanakapura, Chikmagalur, Kanoor Kote, Kemmanagundi, Manchinbele, Bananthi Betta, Ramanagara, Savandurga, Ombattu Gudda, Bheemeshwari Gonikoppal, Masinagudi, etc.

A very enjoyable trip for both big and small parties, above are the top choices for overnight camping nearby Bangalore. But Mango Foris Adventure Camp is one of the best places to camp around Bangalore. This location is the ultimate place of camping that provides every small necessity of your vacation. At this spot, you can enjoy tents, food, bonfire, and a night under the stars.

Travel with your close buddies and be confident of enjoying those wonderful memories worth treasuring a lifetime. Yeah, and don't forget to pack some gadgets, such as speakers and a camera, which will help you enhance your experience. For an insight of the best camping tours in Bangalore you can also consider taking along any card games or some other entertainments.

About Mango Foris Adventure Camp

An hour away by ride to a splendid campsite with lush green mango trees from Bangalore. The weather is mild throughout the day and cold at night, the sights are often fantastic, surrounded by the stunning SRS hills. Mango Foris Adventure Camp is the best place to camp around Bangalore; you will enjoy the many leisurely activities in here if you're in Bangalore and would like to break away from the crowds and bustle of your daily life. Offering a variety of thrilling experiences that will arouse and delight you, this is the perfect spot for a weekend vacation far from the city's urban jungle.

If you are trekking enthusiasts then Mango Foris Adventure Camp is the best place to camp around Bangalore, because of the topography and fantastic views of the surrounding area, are mainly popular among trekkers. But enjoyment doesn't stop here-you can engage in several other activities. Kayaking on the lake is a perfect way for adrenaline junkies to discover the beauty of the countryside. Swimming and kayaking on the lake can also be loved. In the collection are also outdoor adventure events, such as zipping, rappelling, and team play. And if you're a water baby, it's also arranged to rain dance in the late night with thumping beats. Here you will mainly stay tents during your trip and you'll be offered breakfast, lunch and dinner, including tea and snacks, depending on the plan you choose.

Mango Foris Adventure Camp

The Mango Foris Adventure Camp is located in the heart of lush green hills that almost seem to be humming with the cool wind blowing. And if you are a nature lover then it is the best place to camp around Bangalore for you to visit. The natural hills are scattered to the viewpoint and are a fantastic​ place to enjoy the regions trekking. Also, there is a lake near the campsite which makes tourists to explore different water sports in blueish waters.

The adventure camp is mainly popular for all the activities leading to excitement. Sliding challenges, squad activities, and adventure games are perfect for corporate excursions for the corporation colleagues. You can go kayaking, canoeing in the lake, spinning, or rain dancing in the sparkling waters. You can take part in exhilarating leisure activities such as rappelling and parasailing at the camp.

Activities that will make your Itinerary more memorable

  • You can engage in several of the lake's pleasurable activities such as swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and coracle ride and music rain dancing.
  • A luminous trek around 6:00 AM can begin, and you can enjoy the rugged ways near the spot.
  • Assemble near a bonfire, as you can cherish quite a luminous music.
  • More adventurous activities such as rappelling, Zipping and outdoor games, squad games, and fun games can be enjoyed.
  • Theme-based games can be enjoyed (Water Volleyball, Jumbo Baseball, Humanoid Football, Pyramid Building, Jumbo Volleyball, Raft Building, and Jungle Survival).

Things to carry before starting your journey

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Personal medication kit
  • Comfortable shoes or trekking shoes
  • Swimsuit
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Water bottle, energy bars, dry fruits etc.
  • Repulsive insect

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