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Abbey Falls Coorg: A Traveler’s Paradise

The beautiful Abbey Falls is one of the famous waterfalls near Bangalore, amidst the lush green surroundings of the breathtaking hill station, Coorg. It can be a perfect fun-filled day for a lot of travelers seeking adventure, thrill, and scenic places.

It is located almost 10 kilometers from Madikeri and can be reached through a motorable road from Coorg bus station. The height of the Abbey falls is 70 feet, joining the river Kaveri. You can also visit the various sightseeing places in Coorg to enjoy the sheer beauty of Western Ghats.

If you want to escape from your busy schedule, visit this delightful place with your loved ones. Spend the entire day in the presence of the verdant coffee plantations, serene ambiance, and picturesque spice plantations.

Among the most attractive waterfalls near Bangalore, Abbey falls is a paradise for nature lovers, photography enthusiasts, trekkers, hikers, and adventure junkies. People seeking solitude and peace in the realm of nature visit this place every year.

July to October is the ideal time to visit the place where nature is in full bloom during monsoons. The clear waters of the non-perennial stream falling from the height with rocky boulders create a magical environment to witness.

Abbey falls is one of the best waterfalls near Bangalore with its scenic charm and surrounding aromatic plantations.

Enthrall by the Refreshing Iruppu falls in Coorg

The enchanting Iruppu falls is situated in the Brahmagiri Range of Kodagu district in Karnataka, almost 48 kilometers from Virajpet. It is one of the most worth-visiting waterfalls near Bangalore, lying on the highway to Nagarhole.

It is a freshwater cascade surrounded by lavish green Western Ghats. The roaring waters, picturesque silent thick woods, and the Brahmagiri Peak together make this place a favorite weekend getaway.

During the monsoons, witness the eye-catching view of the spectacular Iruppu falls. It plunges 170 feet in two different stages from the Brahmagiri hills that later become a part of the Lakshmana Teertha River.

Among the several waterfalls near Bangalore, Iruppu falls is believed to possess the power to cleanse sins, for which devotees take bath here. There is a Rameshwara Temple, situated nearby where a lot of pilgrims visit during the festival of Shivratri. A Shri Rama temple is also located near to this Shiva temple.

According to the Mythological history, Lord Lakshaman shot an arrow towards Brahmagiri hills, thus creating Iruppu falls, also known as Lakshmana Tirtha Falls. Enjoy the beautiful symphony created from the ravishing velocity of the gushing waters of the waterfalls.

Tottikallu Falls – Great place for Trekkers and Hikers

Tottikallu falls, also known as ‘Swarna Mukhi’ waterfalls, which means ‘Golden faced’, is one of the most-untouched waterfalls near Bangalore. If you are a hard-core trekker and love to explore new places with adventure and excitement, try to visit this place that is slowly gaining popularity.

While going through the Bangalore - Kanakapura road, the route at Kagalpura (Kaggalipura) will lead to a village called Byalemaradadoddi. A muddy road starts from this place that leads to the TK falls.

Mountain hikers find this place splendid as it is ideal for a day trip away from the busy cities. The serenity of the falls lies in the beauty of the green nature. The perfect time to visit TK falls is monsoons as, during the summer season, the water is less.

There is Thottikuda Someswara temple with Muneeshwara Swamy shrine near TK Falls, outside of which you can park your vehicles before approaching the falls.

The adventurous route through the forests and the rocks will gift you the feeling of satisfaction. You might witness peacocks on the way. The view of the falls is soothing and the entire environment is worth-visiting.

Among the various waterfalls near Bangalore, Thottikallu falls is situated just 59 kilometers from the city. Take the utmost care while exploring the waterfall.

Jogi Gundi Falls - Agumbe’s Mesmerizing Cave Waterfalls

Amidst the thick and dense forests of Western Ghats of Karnataka, Jogi Gundi Falls is one of the pristine waterfalls near Bangalore. If you are planning for a weekend trip, this fall will be ideal for it.

As largely untouched, located around 3 kilometers from Agumbe, Jogi Gundi Falls provide the surprising element of its origin. Unlike the traditional waterfalls, this one comes out from a dark cave, giving you a thrilling experience to watch the turquoise green water.

For the trekking enthusiasts, the fall is situated on the way towards Barkana falls. Eroded rocks and lush green forests are part of the trekking route. You can also enjoy the serene nature while swimming in the cool waters of the natural pool at the end of the trek.

Among the various waterfalls near Bangalore, Jogi Gundi falls is 348 kilometers from Bangalore and 47 kilometers from Udupi. The waterfall merges into the Malapahaari River. It is believed that once a saint or Jogi used to meditate inside the cave of this place. Hence, the place received its name.

It is a beautiful sight to watch the gushing waters coming out of the rocks. Apart from taking the waterfall shower, you can also enjoy birdwatching and nature photography.

A Spectacular View Of Kalahatti Giri Falls

Kalhatti Giri Falls (Kalahasti Falls) is one of the elegant waterfalls near Bangalore , located at Kallathipura in Karnataka. It is in Chikmagalur district, 245 kilometers from Bangalore.

The place is considered for weekend trips with friends and families to enjoy amidst the luscious greenery. The pristine water is beautifully flowing from a height of 122 meters from the Chandra Drona hills.

Nestled around the captivating valleys and gardens in Chikmagalur district, the waterfall will surprise you with its beauty. Visitors from all over find this place as a visual treat amidst nature.

Among all the awe-inspiring waterfalls near Bangalore , Kalhatti Giri Fall is a trekker’s paradise. When you are tired of your daily routine job, take a break, and visit the place to refresh and rejuvenate your mind and soul.

The nearby hills and mountains increase the excitement in the mind of the adventure lovers. The panoramic view of the valleys, along with the charming waterfall, fulfills all expectations of a trekking enthusiast. The hill station of Kemmangundi is a spectacular place for all to stay connected with nature.

Discover The Captivating Sight Of Kadambi Waterfalls

Kadambi waterfall is one of the most splendid waterfalls near Bangalore. If you are searching for an idyllic destination, include Kadambi waterfalls in your must-visit list for weekend getaways. It is present inside the Kudremukh National Park in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka.

The spectacular natural falls attract visitors from all over the country. The fascinating and breathtaking beauty of the waterfall rejuvenates your body and soul. Post-monsoon time is the ideal period for visiting the place to witness the crystal white water pouring down the mountains.

The greenery in the Western Ghats complements the overall atmosphere to provide a serene environment. If you want to refresh your mind amidst lush green nature, pack your bag and start your journey of 350 kilometers from Bangalore.

Among the various waterfalls near Bangalore, Kadambi fall is the most picturesque natural location with the stunning sight of the majestic waterfall. It is about 30 feet height creating a calm and peaceful surrounding for the tourists.

As it is close to Shringeri and Kudremukh, you can also visit Kudremukh peak, Kudremukh National Park, Rajendra hill, Lakhya Dam, and Hanuman Gundi falls. If camping and trekking are part of your adventurous life, plan a mesmerizing trip to the waterfalls, dense forests, hills, and coffee plantations.

Jhari Waterfalls: Adventurous Destination

The trip to Jhari waterfalls, also known as ‘Buttermilk falls/Dhab Dabhe’, is an exhilarating trip filled with adventure and excitement. The mystique nature surrounding the waterfalls with rocks and dense foliage creates a magical place.

It is one of the most untouched waterfalls near Bangalore, located almost 266 kilometers from the city in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. You will find the place 12 kilometers away from Bababudan hills while going towards Kemmangundi.

If you want to witness beautiful, dense forests and coffee plantations, visit Jhari falls for a perfect retreat away from boring city life. The visitors can also swim or play on a small pool created naturally below the waterfall.

This famous tourist place is one of the best waterfalls near Bangalore where you can relax your mind. The springs originated in the mountains keep the flow of the waterfall. Enjoy the serene environment while capturing some beautiful moments.

If you are planning for a weekend trip, add the must-visit Jhari falls on your list. The rocky terrain might create some difficulty to reach, but once you see the heavenly atmosphere and surrounding lush green nature, you will forget the entire journey.

Ukkada Waterfalls: The Treasure Trove For Trekkers

Ukkada waterfall is located almost 40 kilometers from Chikmagalur and 134 kilometers from Bangalore. Among the unexplored waterfalls near Bangalore, Ukkada falls surprises the most to the adventure and nature lovers.

This is an ideal place to find tranquility where you can stay absorbed in the serenity of nature’s greenery. It exists inside the coffee plantation on private property in the Muthodi forest. While you will reach the waterfall, you get to witness some mesmerizing wildlife of the Bhadra Wildlife sanctuary.

There is ample opportunity for trekking as it lies inside the deep forest. The trekking trail will excite many adventure enthusiasts as it provides some narrow and steep paths.

Once you reach the waterfalls, the sight of the crystal clear water will make you spellbound. While trekking to the Ukkada waterfalls near Bangalore, you will get to spot many Samba deer.

The atmosphere with the humming sound of various birds and forest creatures is magnificent for relaxing your mind away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Amidst the Western Ghats, plan your weekend trip to experience the beauty of nature.

Manikyadhara Falls: Memorable Shower Bath

If you are a part of hikers, trekkers, and nature lovers’ team, Manikyadhara Falls is a heavenly place located 40 kilometers from Chikamagalur. The majestic waterfall is one of the best waterfalls near Bangalore where tourists from all over come for peace and tranquility.

It is located in proximity to the mist-covered hills of Baba Budan Giri. Being a pilgrimage place for both Muslims and Hindus, many people visit to see the magnificent surroundings and beautiful greenery.

The waterfall is an amazing sightseeing spot amidst the Shola forest. The meaning of Manikyadhara is ‘string of pearls’ and the clear cold water resembles the same.

There’s also a historical touch to this place with a saint named Hazrat Dada Hayath Mir Khalandar who once arrived at this place along with his four disciples. As they were searching for water, they prayed to be blessed with this waterfall.

Tourists reach here from Kemmangundi, almost 300 kilometers from Bangalore. There are local shops for food items and herbal medicines for skin ailments.

If you are planning trips to waterfalls near Bangalore, include Manikyadhara falls in your list for relaxing in the misty climate and scenic beauty of Western Ghats.

Theerthakere Falls: A Hidden Nature's Place

Are you a nature lover who loves to explore different places? Then, Theethakere waterfalls near Bangalore can be your next weekend destination. It is a small waterfall coming from a rocky mountain and going under a bridge to form a shallow water base.

It is located in Koppa Taluk Jayapura village in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. If you love to go for a monsoon road trip, you can keep this place in mind for some amazing views of beautiful greenery.

You will be astonished to find the cascade tumbling down from nowhere of the mountain. Sitting beside the streams will make you feel rejuvenated accompanied by the silence of the forest. It is almost 3.5 kilometers away from the Jayapura village in between Hornadu and koppa road.

The photography enthusiasts can capture some splendid shots while depicting the hidden treasure of enchanting Mother Nature. Theerthakere waterfalls near Bangalore can be reached with two-wheeler or four-wheeler as a narrow motorable road is present.

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