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One Day Outings From Bangalore

Mango Foris is located just one-hour driving distance from the main city at the border of Ramanagara. It possesses beautiful hill view camping spots with fun-filled camping events and activites. The lush green surroundings with comfortable camping accommodation will be cherished for a lifetime. You can enjoy a wide range of indoor-outdoor activities including trekking to Yogi Betta with the perfect blend of the natural beauty of SRS hills.

As the name suggests, your magical time will be in tents housed under mango trees. Apart from the soothing view of the mango orchards, you can also indulge in a campfire with music in the evening, coffee time chatting with fellow-wanderers, and walking through the mango plantation.

Weekend Getaways Near Bangalore

Walk on the wild side and discover the child in you. When you want to be amidst wildlife, Bannerghatta Biological Park offers the best. This globally recognized reserve forest is located around 22 kilometers from the city. The jungle safari experience will be pleasurable for all ages.

You can spot varieties of birds, majestic animals like Asiatic lions, Royal Bengal tigers, elephants, zebras, etc. while touring into the zoo. The Butterfly Park and Snake Park are also the attraction points in the zoo. The Biological Park remains open for the public throughout the year to motivate wildlife tourism in Bangalore.

Workshops in Bangalore

The Clay art workshop held in Jayanagar, Bangalore where you can bring out the inner artist. A day well-spent here will bring a wonderful opportunity to explore a different side in you. You get to learn how to do clay-modeling, type of clay, different textures, and tools. And by the end of the session, you will amaze to see some beautiful fridge magnets in your hand.

These will add to your home-décor collection while you will proudly display these as your creations. The learning experience will be cheerful and fun along with making many arty friends.

Nightlife in Bangalore

The Garden City of India organizes some splendid nightlife scenarios for the people of Bangalore. The pubs and clubs in the town are some of the coolest party destinations. Toit, the classic microbrewery, is the favorite place for old school pubbing fans. The stylish English-themed supercool brewpub is present in the heart of the city, Indiranagar.

Some of the amazing tastes that you will encounter here are seasonal drinks like Pumpkin beer on Halloween or Christmas special ginger-cinnamon infused brew and it represents cool nightlife tours in Bangalore. Not to miss out on the baked nachos that perfectly blend with the drinks.

Food Festivals in Bangalore

Idli and Dosa are most-commonly eaten breakfast in southern parts of India. But it is Bangalore, so the specialty comes when Idly gets dipped into the spicy Sambar. The authentic South-Indian restaurants serve two idlis' dunked into a large bowl of steaming hot Sambar.

If you are lucky enough you will get a vada along with this mouth-watering dish in some restaurants. Food in Bangalore along with its cool weather is just another level. The best taste of idly comes when the soulful sambar adds to its glory. You can enjoy this recipe almost everywhere in Bangalore. You can try in MTR, A2B, or Bengaluru café.

Fun Activites and Entertainment Game centers in Bangalore

Have you ever dreamt of flying a plane? You can fulfill your fantasy of flying a plane as a pilot. The thrilling experience of sitting inside the cockpit will be nerve-tingling. Controlling an aircraft is made easy when you visit Flight 4 Fantasy in Bangalore. There will be experienced instructors to guide you with realistic controls.

The high-definition audio and visuals surround inside the Boeing 737. Your 4D Fighter Jet experience will be exciting along with take-off and landing to enemy locations. Adults and kids above 6 years are allowed to undertake simulator experience and accomplish several missions.

One Day Trip From Bangalore

If you are planning a one day outing in Bangalore, try out an informative guided wine tour whenever visiting. The famous winery in Bangalore is located only 21 kilometers from the main city. You will be accompanied by a guide who will explain each and every process of wine production. The session starts with the explanation of the history of wine to the vineyards and then to the final product.

The delightful experience and valuable knowledge will make you wonder. From the grape cultivation to the wine-making process in Bangalore including fermentation and labeling of bottles, everything will be an astonishing part of the one-day outing.

Concerts and Cultural Activities in Bangalore

Bangalore has made its unique mark in Indian art and culture. Are you a theatre lover? Then, Ranga Shankara is the right place for you. It was initiated by Shankar nag along with Arundhati Nag for building a dream setting of world-class theatre facilities in Bangalore for finest theatrical performances.

They have a ‘Play a Day’ concept where you get to see various Indie-play of different languages including English and regional languages. You get to book tickets in advance and the prices are affordable. Try not to get late as free-seating arrangements are available. The cafeteria has some lip-smacking food and snacks items.

Trekking Places Near Bangalore

Narayanagiri is one of the best trekking locations near Bangalore which offers some less-traveled enchanted routes. If you have excitement and enthusiasm in your belly for hiking, trekking, and adventure, plan a challenging trip to this place.

Trekkings in Bangalore presents several mini irregular paths to bedazzle you. Shake a leg on the music along with the campfire and sleep under the stars in your sleeping bags. The experience is much greater when you get to view tiny rainwater ponds from the top.

Adventure Activities in Bangalore

There is a huge variety of adventure activities in and around Bangalore to discover. If adventure flows in your blood, try the offbeat night trek in Savandurga. It has one of the largest and amazing monolithic rocks in Asia. You will be guided by an experienced person throughout your trek to the top of the hill, located 60 kilometers away from Bangalore.

Once you reach the peak, you will appreciate the ambiance with the bonfire. You will also love to catch the sight of the most beautiful sunrise from there. This is an ideal place for adventure enthusiasts who love to try various activities. The fort and temple visits atop the hill are added benefits of visiting this place.

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