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19 Upcoming Camping Events near Bangalore

Best Camping Places Near Bangalore

Kavaledurga Trekking

Kavaledurga, also called Bhuvanagiri. Kavaledurga fort is around 18 kilometers from Thirthahalli. Apart from the fort, you can visit to the beautiful Place - Rashtra Kavi Kuvempu's house which is converted as a museum now. The place is very serene. Kavi Shaila is the...

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Gokarna Beach Trekking

Flanking the natural terrain, the Gokarna beaches are tranquil and are certainly a compelling vacation experience. Get high with the thrills of camping alongside the beach. Rocky hills on one side, and enigmatic ocean on the other, what more do you need in life?...

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Sakleshpur Trekking by Camping Guru

Are you freakily interested in trekking various places? Then visit the Switzerland of Karnataka, Sakleshpur. It is famous for its spellbinding views of evergreen hills like Ombattu Gudda, Murkan Gudda, Agni Gudda, Jenekallu Gudda etc.
To your surprise, Sakleshpur...

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Agumbe Trekking

Agumbe is famous for its ecologically versatile and timeless forest range in the Western Ghats. The highest peak that falls under the Agumbe trekking escapade is the famous Narasimha Parvata. Kudremukh range is visible from the top of this perfect location of camping. Among...

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Mango Foris Adventure Camp

If you are trekking enthusiasts then Mango Foris Adventure Camp is one of the best camping places near Bangalore, because of the topography and fantastic views of the surrounding area. But enjoyment doesn't stop here-you can in several in several other activities. And if...

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Tharangini Tent Camping Coorg

Coorg Tharangini tent camping is located at Suntikoppa which is just few kilometers from Madikeri. Coorg is known as the Scotland of India, so you can guess the amount of bliss you will achieve while camping in the lap of nature. Spectacular view of the Harangi Backwater...

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Dandeli Adventure Zone

River rafting in Dandeli is one of the amazing adventure activities you can experience in one of best camping places near bangalore. The numerous trekking trails will allow witnessing exotic wildlife on the banks of Kali River. Dandeli Tiger Reserve is filled with tigers, black panthers...

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Gokarna Tent Stay by Make My Adventures

Think about the special night under the stars while you are beach camping with a campfire. Gokarna is blessed with pristine beaches as well as mighty mountains. People from all over the world visit this place for serenity, peace & abundance of natural beauty. Best part...

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Wild Valley Resort and Camping Zone

Sakleshpur is located in the Western Ghats, a mountain range that stretches from Kerala to Gujarat. The southern range, which includes Bisle reserve forest and the region around Sakleshpur is listed as one of the 18 most diverse spots in the world. This camping places near bangalore...

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Udupi Beach Walk and Camping

Udupi is a temple town of Karnataka, famous for its beaches, Malpe Beach, Pithrodi Beach, St Mary's Island and Kaup Beach. The crystal-like columns of brown colored volcanic rocks in the middle of the St. Mary Island will really astonish you for its mosaic texture. It...

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Jungle Retreat Dandeli

Jungle retreat homestay, fully surrounded by the Western Ghats, is an ideal camping place near bangalore and vacation destination in north Karnataka for those who love nature. It is renowned wildlife habitat where rare animals and birds roam in deep valleys and hilly terrains. Located in the lap of...

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Kodachadri Trekking

The beautiful sunrise and gorgeous sunset into the Arabian Sea from the top of Kodachadri will melt your heart. Kodachadri is 1,343 meters above sea level, ranking the 10th highest peak in Karnataka. It is situated in the middle of the picturesque Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary....

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Kundadri Trekking

Kundadri is a huge monolith mountain of altitude of 3200 feet from sea level. Kundadri Trek trails are roughly paved pathways on stones to reach the hilltop. While camping, you get a glimpse of the mesmerizing sunset scene into the Arabian Sea. And once you reach the peak...

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Travel Westbound - Chikmagalur

Have you ever wondered why Chikmagalur is one of the most favorable tourist destinations in Karnataka? We will help you witness a few of the less-explored wonders this place hides that will just make you forget this question and drive you to the ecstasy. ...

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Mullayangiri Trek - Camping Guru

When was the last time you got high? No, we mean really really high! Because with Mullayyanagiri Trek, you can! Head to the highest peak in Karnataka, where you will be witnessing a 6,300 feet altitude. The location is situated in Chikmagaluru and...

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Thadiyandamol Trek

At a height of 5470 feet, Thadiyandamol is the tallest peak in Coorg and also the second tallest in Karnataka. Our guides trek is over 15 kilometres and would require seven hours of easy trek which is convenient enough for both experts and first timers alike!...

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Dandeli Adventure Trekking

Dandeli is most famous camping places near bangalore for its wild life sanctuary, the thick deciduous forests, paper mills and mostly, trekking. The white water rafting, adventure trekking, rappelling, birds watching, elephant safari and many such other activities are sure to...

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WildnWoods Nature Camp

WildnWoods Nature Camp make one of admirable camping places near bangalore and is gateway to the appealing views of the hills, soothing greenery and the gentle breeze which rejuvenates the body and mind. If views, adventure, privacy and a truly unique travel experience are...

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Nature Adventure Camp, Kanakapura

Get Closer to Nature this weekend. The Sundown Stories to Start with Adventure Sporting & Music to enjoy the end of the week. Adventure adrenaline activities Camping, Trekking, Cave Exploration, Zipline, Kayaking, Canoeing, Bouldering/Wall climbing, Rappeling,...

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People Frequently Asked For:

Is it safe for outdoor camping near bangalore?

The severe outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has left people in a distressing state, and limited all travelling activities. If you are planning for travelling, then make sure you are in-line with necessary safety measures. Here are few guidelines you should know while travelling:

  • Make An Inventory List - Your list should include a hand sanitiser (with more than 60% alcohol content), disinfectant wipes, tissues, and a face mask. These items can help you maintain a certain level of hygiene
  • Be Mindful Of What You Touch - It’s important to be mindful when using devices or touching surfaces that others have used. Similarly, be mindful of your own high-touch items, such as phones and wallets. Use a generous amount of sanitiser whenever you touch any of these and be careful not to touch your face.
  • Minimise Human Contact - Wherever possible, try to use technology and automation. Try to pay using contactless options.
  • Keep your distance: The symptoms of coronavirus disease are similar to that of common flu or cold. So, if you see someone is coughing, sneezing or has any common signs of flu, try to stay at least three feet away from that person
  • Stay Home If You’re Sick - This is the most important point. More often than not, we focus on how to protect ourselves from the disease, but don’t think about preventing ourselves from spreading it.

Which is the best camping place near bangalore after COVID pandemic?

Mango Foris Adventure Camp - A one-hour drive from Bangalore brings you into a beautiful campsite with lush green mango trees. This location is the ultimate place of camping that provides every small necessity of your vacation. Package starts @ INR 750/-.

What are the things to check in camping places near bangalore?

All organizers are taking active measures to prevent the spreading of virus and protecting their clients from it. Coronavirus symptoms start off with something as simple as cold and can potentially manifest into something severe like respiratory infections, pneumonia and kidney infections.
In a post-COVID-19 scenario, it is crucial to stay informed and take adeqaute measures to stay safe, and avoid catching the virus. It comes mainly from direct contact with infected persons and contact with surfaces that an infected person has been in contact with. So before attend any event, ask event organizer or the ticketing platform for the list of safety measures taken by them to maintain hygiene and avoid spreading of virus.

What are best practices to follow during the outdoor camping?

  • Get your masks and sanitizers of your ownand use frequently
  • If you falling under the age group of below 16 and above 50, please avaoid going out
  • If you have any symptoms of cough/cold/fever, we advise you to stay back

Which are best camping sites near bangalore following rules to prevent COVID?

Mango Foris Adventure Camp - A one-hour drive from Bangalore brings you into a beautiful campsite with lush green mango trees. This location is the ultimate place of camping that provides every small necessity of your vacation. Package starts @ INR 750/-.

Nature Adventure Camp - Kanakapura - Get Closer to Nature this weekend. Start with Adventure Sporting & Music to enjoy the end of the week with tens of adventure and water activities.
Package starts @ INR 999/-.

Which are camping sites near bangalore under Rs. 750?

Mango Foris Adventure Camp - A one-hour drive from Bangalore brings you into a beautiful campsite with lush green mango trees. This location is the ultimate place of camping that provides every small necessity of your vacation.
Package starts @ INR 750/-.

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