Trekking Sites Near Bangalore

Bangalore, the IT hub of country which is a well known place among job seekers is reframing itself as prominent nature-crafted tourist destination. Globetrotters can have vivid experiences ranging from tranquillity of pristine temples to giggling ocean splash and challenging but adventurous treks. So, let's unbind the treasure of Bangalore touristy and know what more you can add to your bucket list when heading towards a Bangalore trip.

Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, adored with the fact that beyond the cult tech culture there are natural bounties, majestic hills to enjoy trekking in Bangalore and magnificent oceans to get captured in the beauty of the moment. So, enough of climbing up of virtual ladders and prepare yourself to climb the real mountain and hills by trekking in Bangalore . Ditch the hectic life and pamper yourself with real-life outdoor activities in fantastic Bangalore trekking site. Here is the list best sightseeing and places for trekking and waterfalls trekking near Bangalore .

Narayangiri hills of Ramanagram

Proximity from Bangalore: 52 km

It one of the nearest and convenient trekking sites in Bangalore. Being favoured by all sort of hikers, it’s quite smooth to trek expect some rough patches. Hilltop view displays the panorama of the whole Ramanagram town gives a treat to the eyes and quick refreshment from a tiring trek.

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Camping and trekking at Mango Foris at Ramanagara

Proximity from Bangalore: 48 km

A camping habitat amid mango trees and trekking to the hilltop of Yogi Betta. This soul-urging holiday spot is just a one-hour drive away from Bangalore makes its best location for trekking near Bangalore . The working people who usually get drained with hectic work choose this place as a perfect weekend getaway to have the chilling impulse back on track.

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Skandagiri trek for tougher trekkers

Proximity from Bangalore: 61 Km

As they say, that to get something better you have to travel a little more. Very well implies on this Bangalore trek of Skandagiri. Often chosen by moderate to difficult level trekkers, this trek is preferred to proceed in a group. The route ahead along un-uniform pavement amid shrubs so hikers need skills to make their way through the bushy ascent. But the endpoint is alluring with the pristine fort of the Tipu Sultan Empire. So, if your trekking feat is craving for challenging trekking in Bangalore then go for the Skandagiri trek.

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Kunti-Betta village trek

Proximity from Bangalore: 130 km

The trek heading from a village amid coffee plants finishes at a vibrant hilltop. The historical references make this an interesting place. According to mythology, this hilltop was once the dwelling place of Pandvas during their exile. This 5-hour trek has enough bewitching spots to giggle you with joy and mentally strengthen you as you conquer the destination. One can applause for the scenic beauty from the hilltop.

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Trekking to Tadiandamol peak at Tharangini

Proximity from Bangalore:266 km

Accumulated with camping as well as trekking sites, Tharangini offers a glimpse of real-world far more different from cities setup. Imagine the bracing plash of fast flowing river in the morning, a walk to remember amid dense forest. A full package of adventure from Bangalore trekking to Tadiandamol peak, quite enough to provide you solace. This all you get on the premises of Scotland of India (Coorg).

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Hills of Ramanagara

Proximity from Bangalore: 54 km

Do you want to go for a filmy trek? Well, the hills of Ramanagara offer you a trek to the shooting location of the Sholey movie. Hopefully, you won’t have an encounter with Gabbar or Sambha but enough interesting to have selfies at the exact location. Perk about Ramanagara town trekking in Bangalore is that there is a cluster of hiking points like Ramagiri hills, Ramadevara betta, etc. and many of them takes less than one hour.

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Trekking to Muthyala Maduvu waterfalls

Proximity from Bangalore: 43km

It is counted among the nearest tourist and trekking sites in Bangalore. A one and half hour drive will drop you at this tourist loaded waterfall halt. Surrounded by hills, this waterfall gives an amazing feel and quick natural shower away from exhausting work-life of the city. If your sloth bear self doesn't make you to go to a hill hiking, then you may rest at the waterfall base while the adventure- seeking souls have much more to explore by trekking to the hilltop.

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Kodachadri trek

Proximity from Bangalore: 400 km

Kodachadri is situated at Shimoga district amidst Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary. An escapade trek through the bumpy pedestal and dense forest will excite the challenge-lover hikers. Kodachadri is the 10th highest peak of Karnataka state.

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Two-way trek to Nandi Hills

Proximity from Bangalore: 60 km

Located at Chikkaballapur, this hike is ideal for a family trip as this trekking of Bangalore can be done through smooth roads via cycle or bike and the real hikers make it an adventurous one by choosing southern incline to the hilltop. The top view insists you dive into the history of the ruling dynasties of India and witness the ruins of the prosperity of Tipu Sultan.

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Dandeli and Dudhsagar trek

Proximity from Bangalore: 458 km

The dense forests of western Ghats with sprinkling waterfalls make the Bangalore trekking more magical. This place is full of mythological stories of royal families. Being called as the ocean of milk, Dudhsagar’s waterfall can make you believe in reality of its name as milk is cascading down in the stream. The amalgam of dense forests, lush valleys, amazing water streams, wooden bridge and railway tunnels create this place as the travel wish list for the people finding trekking near Bangalore

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Adventures of Sakleshpur

Proximity from Bangalore: 221 km

To forget the monotonous hustle of the week, Sakleshpur offers the best getaway option for people seeking the destination of trekking near Bangalore . Enriched with the allure of marvellous mountains, enchanting hills, coffee ambience, lush dense forest and mysterious creatures of nature will wash out the stress of toiling life as well as revive you with immense vitality. The dwelling place of shoots of numerous South movies, Sakeleshpur delight the hikers with 3-4 km trekking to a picturesque peak.

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Jungle trekking at Dandeli

Proximity from Bangalore: 458 km

The forest land of Dandeli is the habitation of numerous fauna and flora as well as rare animals and diverse creatures. The travel junkies explore the simple pleasure of nature such as sunset watching, sightseeing, spending time under the open sky unfolding the mysteries of the galaxy and refreshing the soul with splashes of cascading streams. The natural lovers who have made mind to travel for far destination of Bangalore trekking have a chance to explore the pleasant dense forest for trekking and knowing about the biodiversity.

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Explore the caves of Anthargange

Proximity from Bangalore: 70 Km

A steep invigorating mountain climb of around 1700 meters followed by an enigmatic cave sums up the hiking desires of hard-core trekkers. Just for reminder, this all challenging adventurous feat can be a reality by trekking near Bangalore. Anthargange situated at Kolar offers such trail where you need to struggle to make pavement by little bit twisting and bending yourself.

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Trek to India’s largest monolith hills of Savandurga

Proximity from Bangalore: 60 km

Savandurga trek is very easy to complete and quite approachable to consider as trekking at Bangalore . These monolith hills are a combo of Billigudda and Karigudda hills. The start point has astonishing temples at the base of both the hills. Monolith climbing is considered one of the easiest trek routes. So, even a beginner trekker can make his/her trekking debut from this hill climbing. The commendable panorama view of Bangalore’s outskirts can engage your vision for a long time. You can visit this place over and again if you are a resident of Bangalore and sought for trekking near Bangalore.

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Camping and trekking at Kodachadri

Proximity from Bangalore: 412 km

Sometimes to embellish the trekking near Bangalore you need to explore the outskirts of Bangalore. The tranquil ambience of this place is due to sublime Tunga river flows downward. The Kodachadri peak has immense significance as this peak is registered as natural heritage. You may encounter the banters of Malabar Langoor and amazing fauna and flora. The camping amid dense woods and trekking trail through forest and uneven road to reach to the top of the hill provides a satisfying amount of dare for trekking enthusiasts.

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Unbind the charms of Chikmagalur

Proximity from Bangalore: 243 km

The western Ghats has that scenic beauty and mesmerising views which spellbound you. The place Chikmagalur, located at western Ghats kept loaded with tourists as it’s hard to resist Ecstasy this place offers. The trek proceeds amid rejuvenating adventure of forest walk and lead to a water stream.

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Yelaneeru falls trekking at Kurinjal peak

Proximity from Bangalore: 338 km

This place is enriched with the cultural vividness like Annapooraneshwari temple, scenic Yelaneeru waterfalls and picturesque Kurinjal peak amidst Kudremukh national park. Have an escape from files and folders and redefine yourself by having a wanderlust pace and trekking at Bangalore. The lush meadows, chilled breeze and spectacular views are all waiting to welcome you and get you adrift in the dazzle of this place.

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Relaxing tent stay at Gokarna

Proximity from Bangalore: 520km

Ever dreamt of running at beaches, admiring the natural sceneries, gazing at soothing sunset and laying down under the stars? If yes, then you must stay at Gokarna to turn your dream into reality. Gokarna has a package of adventures and activities to embellish you with best holidays ever. You must consider a group or family holiday at Gokarna to relish this place more.

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Trekking to Bheeeshwara waterfalls

Proximity from Bangalore: 439 km

This place is embellished with an evergreen stream of the waterfall and the abode of lord shiv makes this serene place more spiritual. People find tranquillity in this quaint place and trekking takes the excitement to the next level.

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Mekedatu (Goats leap) trek at Ramanagara

Proximity from Bangalore: 99km

The people who find a gig in hiking to rocky subtle gnarled leaps may include Mekedatu in their wish list of trekking in Bangalore. River Kaveri flowing simultaneously amid granite rocks makes the trekkers use special care to be safe from drawing in water. Along with rock trekking people can indulge in activities like fishing and enjoy the thundering roar of the Kaveri river as it split from narrow rocks.

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Magnificent Madhugiri hills

Proximity from Bangalore: 105 km

Being the second-largest monolith of state, Madhugiri hills provides a serene and contented trek. The group of trekkers can choose this trek from Bangalore to relish their banters and accomplish this fun-filled easy-to-go task within three hours. Even the tortoise trekkers of the group can enjoy this hassle-free trek. The scenery above is magnificent and enhanced with the presence of a historical fort.

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Trekking to Bheemeshwari hills

Proximity from Bangalore: 105 km

The trek pavement consists of an amalgam of the plain path as well as mountain ascends and steeply descends which is ideal for challenges sought hikers. To ease you to get a panoramic view of the lush valley, there are watchtowers which bring the picturesque beauty of land closer to your eyes. It is among the least known destination of trekking near Bangalore . This site is ideal to fill your memory box with numerous pictures and an abundance of adventurous tales.

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Family trek to Devarayanadurga Hill

Proximity from Bangalore: 70 km

Trekking with family is a mess. To ease with the challenge of trekking from Bangalore with family without spoiling your trekking pitch, here is the three-levelled trek of Devarayanadurga hills. The family may take a halt at the lowest peak of elevation where Laxmi-Narashimha Swami temple is situated. While the trekking souls may proceed to seemingly difficult ascent. Either you can finish your trek at the second elevation which offers you a majestic view of pristine Yoga and Bhoga Narasimba temples or move ahead to have the rejuvenating splash of Jaya-tirtha spring and nail the trek. You are advised to plan the trip during the March or April months of the year as at this hill station Buddha Purnima is being celebrated with great pomp and show as well as a fair is being organized.

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